In March 2015, Herbie and I went on a tour of Spain.  We visited Madrid, Sevilla and Barcelona.  My favorite was Madrid!  It was charming, vibrant and welcoming.  Oh Madrid, I hope to see you again soon.

The moment we landed, we were on a time restraint.  This is not favorable when you are on vacation, but due to scheduling circumstances, we were a bit in a rush.  You see, Sicily only had one flight to Madrid that particular Sunday and we had purchased tickets to see the soccer game that same night.  Real Madrid was playing against Villarreal.  So we arrived at the airport, took a cab to the hotel (we had to retrieve our game tickets there) and told the cab driver to wait for us so he could take us to the game.  We arrived just as they were singing the national anthem.  Whew! That was close!  Once seated, we let it all sink in.  Not only were we in Madrid, we were watching the game.  Live!  This was definitely the highlight and the beginning to an awesome trip.


Our hotel was centrally located and close to restaurants and shops.  We were very pleased with the level of customer service and the attention we were given throughout our stay.  The hotel is affiliated with Marriott and we had enough points, so we stayed here for free! Check out my post regarding our timeshare and ways to save on your vacation.

Hotel Lobby

If you’re visiting Madrid, you can do so in about 4 days.  We were there for 3 and wished we stayed an additional day.  There is a lot to see, buy and taste in the hub of Spain.  Take a stroll to the Prado via Calle de las Huertas.  It is a pleasant walk with a lot of shops, restaurants and bars.  If you like art, go inside the Prado Museum.  This is where you will find great masterpieces by famous Spanish painters such as Francisco de Goya.

Another place to visit is the Royal Palace.  This palace is said to be on the top three of Europe’s greatest palaces.  We went inside this impressive palace and wandered on our own.  The details are perfection and although the royal family does not live inside, the palace is still used for ceremonies such as weddings.


Good food in Madrid?  Yes and the best we had in Spain!  Food-wise, you cannot miss the Mercado de San Miguel (San Miguel Market).  This place offers traditional tapas, beer, wine and cava (classic local sparkling wine).  Olives, cheese, ham, sweets, seafood…the variety is endless and so delicious!  I want to go back to Madrid just for this market.



Our trip to Madrid was short as we had other cities to visit.  But we were left wanting more of what the city had to offer.  Until we meet again, but for now let’s hop on the train and go to Sevilla.