Agriturismos are very popular in Italy.  The word derives from both Agriculture and Tourism.  It is an interesting concept and it makes me wonder why America hasn’t adapted this style of entertainment yet.  Agriturismo is a rural experience on a farm.


Generally, you pay a flat dollar amount and the farm will provide food (more than you can eat) and all you can drink wine.  The food prepared is mostly cooked using the crops grown in that farm and grown locally around the farm.  Most farms that offer agriturismos have rooms for lodging.


My favorite agriturismo is Borgo Antico.  Their food is delicious and every time someone comes to visit me, I make sure I take them because Borgo Antico never disappoints.  We had Friendsgiving here last year and it was amazing.  For thirty euros per adult, you let someone else cook authentic sicilian food and drink all the wine you want!  You can’t beat the price or the quality of food.