One of my favorite towns in Sicily is Caltagirone.  Okay, you will hear me say ‘favorite’ to a lot of places, but Caltagirone is one of my favorites.  Really..

This Baroque town is called the city of ceramics.  You can buy ceramic kitchenware, hosting platters, house ware, wine accessories, home decor…practically any pottery that can be done with ceramic.  I love love love to host, so naturally, I’m obsessed with the platters sold in this charming town.


Local artists can be seen in their shops working on this thousand year old tradition.


The shops are located in the towns landmark, a 150-step staircase.  Caltagirone is near Borgo Antico, so a day trip would consist of us having lunch at Borgo and then driving to Caltagirone to walk off the food induced coma.