Catania is the major city that is nearest to where I live.  If I want variety in my life (as Misterbianco is geared to be more Italian), I go to Catania.  You can find all types of food.  From sushi to horse meat.  I know Americans usually don’t chow down on horse meat, however it is part of the Sicilian culture.  I was unsure myself about trying out horse, but I did.  And it was good!  I kind of feel bad, but I don’t.  Like my Italian friend, Ale, said “I’m sorry for the horse, but the meat is so good”3 copy

One of the most notable things to do in Catania is visit the fish market.  The market is held every day, except Sundays.  The earlier you get there, the better as it tends to get crowded later.  Here, local fish farmers come and sell fresh fish and you can find all the ingredients you need for dinner.  You can also negotiate with the fish farmers if you think the price for fish is too high.


I normally park here under the bridge.  There is a man that will guide you on where to park your car.  You will have to pay the man (usually 1 or 2 euros is fine) and the market is walking distance from there.

If you walk to the Piazza Duomo (the elephant square), you will see a water fountain and the fish market begins right behind the fountain.  In the piazza, check out the cathedral dedicated to Santa Agata.  It is impressive!


There is so much to do in Catania.  If you are short on time, you can catch the train on the corner of the cathedral.  It is a cute animated train and it costs 5 euro per person.  This train, will take you on a tour around Catania.