Agrigento is the home of the Greek Ruins in Sicily.  It is known as the Valley of Temples and it is said to have better ruins intact than the great Athens in Greece.  The ruins are impressive, and even more so knowing they were built in the 6th century B.C.


The super-sized ruins are visible from miles before actually arriving to the site.  And they sit up on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.  Agrigento is about a two hour drive from my home, but we make it a day trip with a couple of stops.  Our first stop is always the Valley of Temples.  Then drive about 8 miles and you get to Scala dei Turchi (Turkish Steps). 



The steps are sandy white and sit in front of the med sea.  They are made out of a special clay you can chisel and take with you to use as a mask for your face and/or body.  Weather permitting, you can climb the stairs and just take the breathtaking view in.  The first time I went, I was wandering and channeling the Greek gods I’m sure walked these steps at some point.


The beach has a Lido for your convenience.  A lido is a place in the beach that has lounge chairs and umbrellas for rent.  Along with the chairs, you can also buy food and drinks.  We pack our own lunch and take our own drinks and call it a Pagan party 🙂

After the Turkish Steps and the Mediterranean Sea, we head back home.  But not before stopping at the outlet village and do a little bit of shopping!