I was in Sicily for 4 months when my BFF, Mirtha, came to visit me.  We have been friends for 24 years now and we’ve gone through it all, seen it all.  Except travel Italy together.  She was the first of many to come visit, and her trip here was an unforgettable one.  There were a lot of “firsts” on this trip.  I was fairly new to the island, so Mirtha and I explored Sicily together.


Her trip started off bad.  The airline lost her luggage, but things couldn’t get worse.  Things could only go up from here. 🙂 And they sure did.  Surprisingly, she was not tired or jet lagged, so I showed her around town.  That night we went to have pizza and wine.


The next day we went to Taormina.  It was mid March, so the weather was not warm enough to lay out at Isola Bella.  However, we did some shopping and tried the best granita in town.  After Taormina, we went to a much promoted bar called Turrisi.  It’s decorated with penises, but other than funny photo ops, the bar was nothing special.


We went to Borgo Antico Agriturismo for a wonderful lunch.  We met up with our friends, the Cervantes, and had a great day out in Mineo.  Afterwards, we went to the artichoke festival and walked around and tried more food, including horse meat.  It was my first time eating horse meat (a norm in Sicily) and I must say, the meat is one of the leanest you will ever have.  It was delicious!


After tasting Sicilian wonders, we headed out for some roman history the next day.  We visited Piazza Armerina, an Imperial villa once owned by a powerful roman family.  It was built in 300 A.D. and you can still see the mosaics on the floor. I gotta say, the drive to the piazza has been the scariest drive so far.  The villa is in a mountain and the fog was so thick, you could not see past 10 feet ahead.  Scary!  On our way home we stopped at Caltagirone for some gelato and some shopping.



I wanted to teach Mirtha how to make a sicilian favorite, Pistacchio Pasta so we went to Catania and visited the fish market to buy all the ingredients.  We also stopped at C & G for a chocolate delight.  Both, the heavenly chocolate treat and the pasta,  did not disappoint that day.


A trip to Sicily is not complete without visiting the ruins in Agrigento.  Then we spent a good hour trying to find the turkish steps.  It was my first time in that area and I was not familiar.  We finally found it and took some pictures of the Mediterranean Sea.

My friend, Liz, recommended I take Mirtha to Cefalu.  I’m glad she gave did because Cefalu quickly became one of my favorite cities.  We spent the morning there, shopping and grabbing lunch.  On our way back, we stopped at a town called Santo Stefano.  The coastal drive to both town is just so blue and beautiful. In Santo Stefano, they have a street with ceramic shops.  The style of the pottery is different than Caltagirone, and more my cool scheme, red.

There was a funeral going on, so most shops were closed.  Most towns in Sicily are small and everyone knows each other.  Closing shop for a funeral service is not out of the norm around here.  We still managed to find stores that were open, and even found a stalker along the way. haha

The day before Mirtha was to leave, we decided to go big or go home.  We drove to mainland Italy via the ferry.  We went to a lovely town called Tropea.  The sight was beautiful with miles of untouched beaches.  The waters were aqua blue and we wished we could go for a dip, but it was too cold.


This visit felt like a vacation to me.  It was my first time visiting many of the towns, so the novelty of exploring a new place was there.  Everyday we had a road trip planned, which was perfect quality time spent with my Amiga del Alma (soul sister).  Cheers to our friendship and to making memories together!