Hello Everyone!  I want to talk about this beautiful villa we are currently living in.  It has so much character and it’s Italian-like, that it deserves its own post.  I first saw this villa when I was still living in San Diego.  We were getting ready to move to Sicily and while doing some research on living situations, I came across this villa which was available.  We were still a couple of months away from moving, so I thought this villa would not be available by the time we arrived to Sicily.  However, I still wanted to find something similar to this one.  Lucky for me, the villa was still available and we were able to rent it for our stay here in Sicily.  Another plus to this home is that our landlord, Ada, is a God-send and is practically family now.

It is a two story villa with three bedrooms and two baths.  It has a beautiful, antique kitchen with a brass sink and stove.  Although the villa’s interior is very nice, the highlight of this home is the outside.  There is a wishing well that collects rain water, filters it and is used to water the garden.


In addition to the wishing well, there is a long, ceramic table that is beautifully decorated and stationed in the back part of the house.  It fits an entire party and is great for entertaining!


Next to the ceramic table, there is an outside kitchen that includes a sink, a grill and a brick oven!  Can you smell the pizza cooking?!?



We’ve been living in this villa for a year and a half now, and we couldn’t be happier.  Even on my husband’s days off, we can have a party for two outside with all the amenities.  There is enough outdoor space for my dog, Louis, and he loves all three of his gardens!  I wish we could pack this house up with our belongings when we leave.