Venice is the most romantic city in Italy.  It is made up of hundreds of small islands that are connected by bridges.  There are no cars in Venice, only boats and pedestrians.

We arrived on a cold and rainy day.  The rain did not bother us since we were on vacation.  Nothing bothers us on vacation, right?  Getting to the apartment we rented was a little challenging because of the rain and number of luggages that we had to carry.  There were six of us and we had a million bags. 🙂


When we arrived to the apartment, we immediately fell in love with the location.  The place was overlooking a canal and you could feel the Venetian love.  We were a left turn away from shops and restaurants and walking distance to all the main attractions.


The first stop was St Mark’s Square.  It is a lively piazza with a lot of music, pigeons, restaurants and shops.  There is so much to see and it is picture perfect.


By St. Mark’s Square, you will find Doge’s Palace.  This was a must for Herbie since he is a history buff.  This palace is built in Venetian gothic style.  It is really nice to look at and it resembles wealth and power.



Of course, a trip to Venice is not complete without a gondola ride.  You can purchase a ride in just about every stop.  And if the gondolier is good, he or she will sing to you a romantic Italian song.