When planning our travels, I always research how many days do we realistically need in each city, how much vacation days can Herbie take and how easy is it to travel from one city to another.  This typically saves us money.  We buy one round trip ticket for one country and train rides between the cities.  That way we don’t spend unnecessary money on airfare going back to the same countries.

Germany was a whirlwind of emotions.  It was an educational, emotional, fun and wonderful trip all in one.  We started in Berlin and flew in on New Year’s Eve.  Each year, Berlin hosts a street party on New Year’s Eve.  The event is full of food, music, drinks, shops and live entertainment.  It even has a ferris wheel.  This party was very festive and everyone had a wonderful time, including the Pagans.  There was no better way for us to kick off the tour of Germany.



In Berlin, we visited a site where a piece of the Berlin Wall still stands.  It is covered in urban art and very colorful.



Visitors can go to the Checkpoint Charlie.  This checkpoint was once a border crossing between the east and west side of Berlin.  Now, it serves as a touristic point and you can take pictures with street performers dressed up as soldiers.

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The Brandenburg Gate is as beautiful during the night as it is during the day.  It is near the embassies and when we went, the French embassy was full of flowers and thoughts & prayers for the victims of the Paris attacks in November 2015.


There is a Holocaust Memorial that you can walk and pay your respects.  The memorial is set up of cemented blocks; big, small, tall, short.  They are arranged in no particular order.  This is because the Holocaust affected everyone.


You can also view the bunker where it is believed that Hitler died in.  Well, you can see what’s left of it.  It is now a parking lot in a random building.


We went after Christmas, however there were Christmas markets still open.  Yay for us!  Christmas is my favorite time of the year and the markets sell everything you can think of, Christmas related.  During this time, Germany sells their famous gluhwein.  Gluhwein is a winter warm beverage.  Wine to be exact.  It is yummy and is holiday spiced.



On to our next destination, Cochem.